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Canine Influenza Update | May 2016

Canine Influenza Cases Confirmed Locally in Bloomington-Normal and Pontiac Update 5/27: We are now requiring all dogs boarding in our hospitals to have had both boosters of H3N2 and H3N8 Canine Influenza with the final boosters given at least two weeks prior to their boarding appointments. More information is provided below. Since the first outbreaks occurred in … Continue reading Canine Influenza Update | May 2016

Are You Preventing Heartworm Disease?

With spring and warmer weather upon us, mosquitoes will be making their appearance anytime. Heartworms are transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. This is a major health concern for your pet! Signs of heartworm disease include: coughing, difficulty breathing, panting, decreased exercise tolerance or even sudden death. Pets may not show signs until … Continue reading Are You Preventing Heartworm Disease?

Misfortune of Bad Teeth…

This is Chip – he is my dog. Chip has the misfortune to have been born from amother and father who both had bad teeth. Chip is nine years old. He is about ready to have his third dental cleaning. (He doesn’t know it yet). He was on my lap the other night and his … Continue reading Misfortune of Bad Teeth…

“Diet Starts Tomorrow…”

We’ve all probably said this to ourselves at some point, especially after the holidays when delicious treats and over-indulgence have run rampant and wreaked havoc on our waistlines. We are not alone, though, as our pets share an increase in poundage and probably for the same reasons – they join in our celebrations of the … Continue reading “Diet Starts Tomorrow…”

Let’s Talk About Bloat

Let us talk about bloat, (as the general public refers to it). Actually, let us talk about gastric dilatation with volvulus also known as gastric torsion. These are conditions that affect dogs primarily of the larger and deep chested breeds like the Great Dane. The two conditions are not synonymous, however torsion/volvulus is usually preceded … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Bloat

Winter & Fleas

Think the flea threat is over with cold weather approaching –- think again!   With winter coming and colder temperatures with it, many fleas will die off. Once temperatures drop below 37 degrees Fahrenheit fleas start to freeze, but it can take up to 10 consecutive days of temperatures below 37 degree before fleas outside … Continue reading Winter & Fleas

Poisons & Your Pets

Did you know the ASPCA has a poison control hotline for pet owners? In my 3rd year of veterinary school, as part of a toxicology course, I was required to shadow at the Animal Poison Control Center in Urbana, Illinois. I found it to be very interesting and up until my experience there had no … Continue reading Poisons & Your Pets

Saying Goodbye

Recently, I did one of the hardest things I have ever done. I had to put “Daisy Duke” to sleep. I have been practicing for 38 years. I have performed euthanasia for many patients over the years. It is ALWAYS a sad event to end the life of a beloved family member, friend and companion. … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

Why Do I Need Bloodwork Before Anesthesia and Surgery?

So you’ve been told your pet needs surgery. For many, hearing those words brings on all kinds of emotions, fears and anxieties. Seems everyone knows someone who knows someone who has an unpleasant story to tell either human or veterinary, with regards to either anesthesia or the surgery itself. There are many kinds of surgery … Continue reading Why Do I Need Bloodwork Before Anesthesia and Surgery?

Intestinal Parasites: What’s Lurking In Your Yard?

There are three common intestinal parasites that not only infect your dog or cat, but can also infect you and your family. Those parasites are roundworms, hookworms and giardia and they are found in sandboxes, soil, grass, and water. The parasites are released through an animal’s feces and the eggs can live in the environment … Continue reading Intestinal Parasites: What’s Lurking In Your Yard?

Xylitol: Sweet…but Deadly!

Xylitol is a low-calorie sugar substitute that has helped diabetics and weight loss seekers to get their sugar fix without the calories. Xylitol is appearing in products you’d never suspect. New products on the market such as sleep aids, multivitamins, sedatives, antacids, stool softeners amy contain unexpectedly large amounts of xylitol. Dogs that ingest these … Continue reading Xylitol: Sweet…but Deadly!


It is no secret that I am a cat lover. Don’t get me wrong, dogs are great, too, but there is a special place in my heart for the furry felines (and the not so furry, for that matter…I’m looking at you sphinxy)! I could go on to say that if they happen to be … Continue reading Cats!