Saying Goodbye

Recently, I did one of the hardest things I have ever done. I had to put “Daisy Duke” to sleep. I have been practicing for 38 years. I have performed euthanasia for many patients over the years. It is ALWAYS a sad event to end the life of a beloved family member, friend and companion. Our clients are our family and their pets are our pets too.

Euthanasia is one thing that I won’t miss when I retire. It is an emotional drain on all involved. It is so hard to come to the decision when the time is “right” and it is just never “right”. It just has to be done because we have run out of the ability to provide quality of life through treatment and loving care at home.

The reason it was so hard with “Daisy Duke” is that she belonged to my daughter family
and son-in-law and their two kids. Not only was I the caregiver but also part of the grieving family trying to be supportive as a doctor, father, and grandpa plus having all those feelings myself. It was a tough job.

Daisy is in a better place now and free of pain. The grandkids wrote letters to God to look after her and give her treats and we are all recovering.

As I look back, it gives me renewed insight on just how bad it is to have to put a pet to sleep. It hurts in so many ways, yet it may be the last, kindest thing you can do for your pet.

By: Dr. Johnson
Pine Bluff Animal Hospital