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Senior Pet Care

At Pine Bluff Animal Hospital, we want your pet to live their golden years healthily, actively, and happily. To make this happen, senior pets require specialized care tailored to old age.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Much like kittens and puppies, senior pets have weaker immune systems which makes them more susceptible to parasites, disease, and illness. To promote optimal health in your senior pet we recommend semi-annual wellness visits so we can more closely monitor changes in health such as weight loss, dental disease, pulmonary health, cataracts, glaucoma, arthritis, and cancer.

As your pet ages, you will likely notice new age-related behaviors such as greater vocalization, confusion, disorientation, irritability, fewer responses, house soiling, less grooming, repetitive actions, frequent wandering, and a different sleep schedule. These behaviors may be challenging, but they do not warrant giving up on your senior pet! We are here to help.

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